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  • IR LED Touch Pen (IR-02 )

    Product feature

      * IR Teaching Pointer - standardized length perfectly suitable for teaching
      * Extendable length - make teaching easier, more convenient and more effective
      * Tip activation - press the the tip against the board to activate the pen and start writing (push button switch unneeded)
      * Fluent in writing
      * Regulator integrated circuit enables the LED to have stable luminance for writing
      * Longer the usage of the battery and lower environmental pollution
      * Logo can be printed
      * Suitable for in-class teaching and business presentations
      * Patent product

    Product Specifications

      * Aluminum barrel; IR LED; touch switch on pen nib
      * Size: 12 x 500mm (long one)
      * Size: 11.5 x 130mm (short one)
      * Wavelength: 940nm
      * Wavelength 850nm is also available
      * Each piece with two AAA (1.5V) batteries; easy to get batteries changed

    Business Info

    • Mini Order:2,000 to 2,999 Piece
    • FOB:Keelung, Taiwan
    • Delivery:30 days

Contact Info

Company Name:BIG SHARK INC.(Exporter,Manufacturer)
Contact Person:Anny Chen
Business Address:6F., No.96, Hougang St., Shihlin Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan